About Pauline

I grew up in a hard-working independent family. My father, Walter Koch, a driven businessman, is the founder of Corbie hotels.

There’s a lot of creativity in my family! My grandfather, Leon Dekonick, was a furniture designer, a cabinet maker and owner of a factory in his younger years. He also co-founded the art academy in Mol.

Later, when I grew up and a got to know him better, he became a painter. I still remember the scents of the paint and colours on his palette of painters and on his clothes, so divine.

I loved to wander in his huge art books. Often he granted me things that I could take home for further exploration, such as a leaflet about the Jügendstil in Brussels or a brochure with lithographic prints.

To this day, I’m still looking for the balance between business and creativity. I run our hotel, and sometimes I vanish into the creative zone.

The hotelsite in Geel represents exactly what I like: a colourful & frivolous interior where I feel completely at home. The daily hotel life is now enriched with colors from the touch of my hand.

Our 4th Corbie hotel in Lommel for my brother was furnished in a very similar way.


At the age of 12, In 1991, I opted to study arts. I absolutely wanted to become a painter. I loved and wanted to create beauty with images and shapes.

But learning disabilities limited my study choice and I was forced to follow a vocational education. I often didn’t get to do what I really wanted, so looking back to this school period brings mixed feelings.

My father, however, could use my help in his business, and I grabbed this opportunity with both hands in 1999. It was a time of hard work, but at the same time I’ve learned a lot in that period, especially about the life of an entrepreneur.

Parenthood came and time passed by. I forgot who I wanted to be and my destiny got lost.

In 2013 the Corbie hotel in Geel expanded. We bought an adjoining building and integrated it in the current hotel. This extra space had very much of a black hole with hardly any daylight. But despite that challenge my father and I saw perfectly how we could turn around the end result. Both of us are imaginary thinkers. In a very organic way the ‘black hole’ became a fresh and pleasant environment.

This was a pivot moment in life. The many positive reactions from our hotel guests, people from all over the world, made my realize that I had to go back to my passion! I rediscovered my talent that once got buried under the daily rush of life. This creation and especially the many positive reactions to it, gave me back drive!

I then realised that I want to do more than managing the hotel, no matter how challenging this job may be.

Back then we’re 2015 and I started to paint again, for the first time since long, and not only am I passionate, I’m also getting a lot of positive reactions,….

I breathe again…

ParyCorbie is born!

This self-portrait is the symbol for a new start, or even better, for the picking up the once lost passion.

It is a symbol for: “HAPPINESS IS: TO BE WHO YOU ARE.

The artist name ‘ParyCorbie’ originates from the idea to launch a fashion brand. For me, ParyCorbie stands for the 2 worlds that I’m balancing between. It sounds catchy and is easy to remember.

Pary: (Paris) stands for freedom, creativity, regardless of how it should be, it means “open your wings, do your thing and enjoy what you’re doing"

Corbie: stands for strength, security and family love

Once at school I was already creating clothes.

Building my own brand that is at odds with fast fashion? Yes, that’s what I wanted. That’s where I’ll go.

This is a clothing line for every type of woman. A line in which every woman finds herself, feels good and flourishes like a flower in the sun, transforms from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

I started with studying the 7 types of women. This preliminary study resulted in the 7 paintings of women, each given a flower name.

In all these paintings of 180 cm high and 110 cm represent every type of woman. Each canvas contains a study about the colour contrasts. The compositions can be seen in my hotel in Geel.


My fashion project is in its research and startup phase. I’m doing my very best to introduce a first collection to the market. I want to offer contemporary, fashion conscious women an honest, devince, sustainable and beautiful dress line.

I tanked inspiration from my ecoline drawings to create the perfect shapes for the designs of my fashion line, to make them as expressive as possible. Then I further accustomed them to the colors of my brother’s hotel in Lommel. That way they perfectly blend with the interior to form a decorative accessory.

You’ll see the drawings in the bathroom on the walls and as a decorative element in the corridors.

The ecoline drawings are digitally photographed and put on an acrylic sheet. You can buy them in the hotel.

The cool thing is that my both sides perfectly complement each other. The butterfly shaped from clay symbolizes the two worlds I live in, as does my artist/brand name “ParyCorbie".

The bowl you see on the image stands at the reception of my hotel. In the left wing you will find my ParyCorbie business cards and in the right wing my Corbie hotel manager business cards.

That typical balance comes back in all our hotels: we strive to offer a very professional service, and at the same time we want to give our guests a gentle warm feeling and an additional experience thanks to the unique colors and furnishings.

With my website I sincerely hope to make you all part of the wonderful world of ParyCorbie.

And of course… a visit to our hotels gives this experience an extra dimension!