Hotel Corbie in Geel.

The renowned hotel Corbie in the heart of our lovely town Geel, is just like the other hotels in Mol and Lommel appreciated by business people and tourists.

The lobby and breakfast room are ideal places to wander through the creative world of Pauline / ParyCorbie. The hotel rooms are very sleek and functional to simplify maintenance, but at the same time they have the typical colors and ornaments of ParyCorbie, making the place warm and cosy.

Even non-hotel guests are welcome to enjoy the meeting place and a breakfast. It comes highly recommended!

Hotel Corbie on the Lommel Ring

The fourth Corbie Hotel (the second Corbie Hotel on the Lommel Ring) is located in the heart of the sand and glass region of Flanders, as Lommel is well known for its fine white sand that is the basis for glass production since 1850.

This regional speciality of sand and glass was the inspiration of the hotel design. Sometimes subtly, sometimes more pronounced. For example, some furniture has a sand grain structure and others are even made entirely of glass… 

What every hotel guest notices immediately is the use of colours. Colours are emotions and they create a unique atmosphere that is the trademark of ParyCorbie.

Throughout the hotel you will find ecoline drawings on the bathroom walls and acrylic sheets with beautiful glass ffects as a result. A great way to accentuate the “Glass” theme.

The drawings represent all kinds of forms of women. They are the basis of a preliminary study for the models of the ParyCorby clothing line in the making. 

They have been worked out for Lommel hotel by adapting the colors, to become a warm added value for the building.

Private Projects

Doctor, acupuncturist Carla Vandervoort together with Pauline chose a soothing figure-with-flower, inspired by the Lotus as a symbol of “new life and strength" in her waiting room.


Margareta Dekonick wanted decorative elements on her pool wall, but because of the damp space it is difficult to find something suitable. Something that is not sensitive to mold, warping by moisture, peeling by moisture, in short moisture and durable is a difficult combination. Not to mention her grandchildren who splash and careless in their play, so please also something unbreakable.

Pauline found remnants of bathroom tablets in the workspace of her hotel, these could certainly withstand moisture. After painting them with the fish Margareta wanted so badly against her wall, she poured a layer of epoxy over them so the paint couldn’t blot off.