With the future dresses collection Pauline realises her dreams as a designer of timeless ‘slow fashion’.

The “ParyCorbie" brand is a countercurrent for today’s fast fashion.

A fashion line for every type of woman, a line in which every woman feels good and can blossom like a flower under the sun, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.

A study of the 7 types of women has resulted into the 7 paintings, each with the name of a flower?

The different shapes of women can be found in these paintings.

They are 180 cm high and 110 cm wide and can be cherished in the hotel in Geel.

The paintings also include the sketches in pencil; these are the very first explorations for the shapes.

You’ll also get to see the drawings in ecoline. They will be used as a label in the dresses.

ParyCorbie wants to build a brand that represents:

  • Feeling good / Self-confidence
  • Suitable for different purposes (at work, on the move, at home)
  • Fitting reputation
  • Easy / fundamental basis
  • Fitting shape, proper alignment
  • Fitting color
  • Sustainable materials
  • Fair trade

Below you will find the preliminary sketches and studies of the different female sculptures.

X-FiguurA Recht-FiguurO-FiguurS-FiguurH-FiguurY-FiguurA Rond-Figuur

X-Figuur or Xanthisma. Symbolises dreams

  • soft straight figure
  • waist present
  • shoulders and hips are equally wide

Light-dark contrast

  • creates a strong and professional image

Diamond shape – Long face

  • straight shapes
  • small forehead and pointed chin
  • wide cheekbones

A Straight-Figure or Aloevera. Lily of the desert, symbol of happiness

  • soft straight figure
  • fine waist
  • shoulders are narrower than hips

Quality contrast = tone-on-tone

  • 1 color in different color tones (croma)
  • from light to pure or vice versa
  • from dark to pure or vice versa

Square short face

  • short and broad face with straight shapes
  • sharp angles
  • chin, jaw lines and forehead are equally wide
  • square jaw lines and usually the same square hairline
  • wide cheekbones

O-Figure or Orchid. Stands for opulence and elegance, the orchid will make your life pleasant

  • round figure
  • no waist
  • round and wider at the top
  • beautiful slim legs

Quantity contrast

  • focus
  • the accent is less emphasized, but in balance with the other colors because of the brightness

Round – short – face

  • round in shape
  • short and wide, rounded cheeks and full chin
  • the cheeks form the widest part
  • looks full, with round chin and round hairline

S-Figure or Lilac. First emotion of love

  • round figure
  • there is definitely a waistline present
  • shoulders and hips are equally wide

Analogue combinations

  • colors that are next to each other on the circle of ITTEN
  • variations in shades of colour

Heart – long face

  • ound shapes
  • wide side at the top, round hairline
  • broad forehead and wide cheekbones
  • long narrow jaw lines, pointed chin

H-Figure or Hyacinth. Symbol for peace

  • straight figure
  • no waist
  • shoulders, hips and waist are the same width

Cool – warm contrast

  • cool and warm colours are combined
  • cool colours to the background, warm colours accentuated and enlarged
  • warm colors require attention and are friendly
  • cool does not require attention and is less friendly

Diamant – long face

  • straight shapes
  • small forehead and pointed chin
  • wider at the cheekbones

Y-Figure or Ylang Ylang. Perfect perception

  • straight figure
  • little waist
  • wide shoulder
  • wide bosom
  • slender legs

The intention was to apply the contrast “color to color".

The hustle is softened by placing white on the screaming colours.

Rectangular – long face

  • straight shapes
  • high forehead
  • longer than wide
  • cheekbones, jawlines and chin at the bottom equally wide

A Round figure or Allamanda. Victory

  • round figure
  • fine waist
  • shoulders are narrower than hips

Complementary contrast

  • combine complementary colours
  • orange – blue
  • green – red
  • yellow – purple

Pear-shaped short face

  • small forehead
  • broad jaw lines that narrow themselves to the cheeks and the temple
  • wide chin
  • straight shapes

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